How It works

We offer a unique service for charities and non-profit organisations by recycling unwanted items and turning them into valuable funds. Individuals wishing to help raise funds for their chosen charity or cause can benefit from the use of our free service too.

Donors send in unwanted items and we recycle them to get money for your cause. We recycle an array of items such as: unwanted watches and jewellery (anything from plastic beads to old broken gold chains); gadgets (such as cameras, games consoles, mobile phones, sat navs and MP3 players); old currency (UK & foreign) and used stamps. We have experts in place to ensure that all items we receive are individually assessed and recycled to get you the highest price possible for your charity or cause. All this is done at absolutely no cost to you.

We process your goods as quickly as possible, so you can be in receipt of your funds in no time at all.

We can offer various projects depending on your needs.

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We offer two hassle free options based on the type and amount of items you wish to recycle. All options are at no cost to you and provide valuable funds to the charity or cause of your choice. Click here to find out more.

We offer three no cost recycling options depending on how you interact with your donors. You can choose the type that suits you best or choose all three. Click here to find out more.