For charities & non-profit organisations with supporter mailing magazines and newsletters.

Freepost Recycling Envelopes
If you send out a postal magazine or newsletter to your supporters and your donor mailing list is over 10,000, then we can provide recycling envelopes tailored to your organisation. These supply your supporters with a simple, convenient way to donate unwanted items which will be recycled by us to provide valuable funds for your cause. We take care of everything for you and there is no financial outlay to you. You will receive a cheque for 75% of all profits (minus appeal costs) – we keep 25%. Items that can be recycled in Freepost Envelopes are:

  • Jewellery & Watches (in any material even if damaged or broken)
  • Foreign or UK Banknotes (even out of circulation ones)

Freepost Leaflets
If your postal mailing is less than 10,000 then our freepost leaflet service is more suitable for you. We can create a custom leaflet, with a freepost label, allowing your supporters to send in their donated items in their own envelope.  These donations are processed regularly and you will receive cheques at regular intervals for 75% of the profits. We can also provide you with template articles to encourage your more active supporters to donate on a larger and more regular basis by using our Recycling Project service.

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For charities & non-profit organisations with supporter postal mailing magazines and newsletters. Click here to find out more.

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