Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept ink cartridges?

Sorry we are unable to take ink or toner cartridges of any type at present.

Is there a minimum/maximum amount I can send?

For Recycling projects, the sack should weigh between 10 – 30kg.

For Freepost/Self-pack the envelope should be no bigger than A5.

Who do you work with?

We work with ANY ‘Good Cause’ no matter how small or large as long as they are not for profit. We do not work with individuals who wish to benefit personally from recycling goods but we are happy to work with individuals who wish to raise funds for a nominated charity or non-profit organisation.

What do you charge for your services?

Our services are always free of charge. We take 25% of the proceeds from all recycled items and the charity or good cause receives 75%.

What do you do with the items once you receive them?

We use a network of commercial partners for various items that get sent in to be recycled. We always try to get the best price for the items received, market dependant, as it is in our best interest to make the most for you so you use us time and again.

How regular are cheques paid?

If using our recycling boxes/sacks, a payment is made within 8 weeks of us receiving its contents.

With Freepost Self-pack envelopes, payments are made to the charity or Good Cause every time the account reaches £30.

For larger Freepost envelope charities cheques are sent every 6 months.

How do we know we can trust you?

Starting in 1996 Recycling for Good Causes quickly became the leading specialist-recycling fundraising project operator for good causes in the U.K. Now having raised millions for good causes, Recycling for Good Causes is the fundraising partner of choice for more than five thousand charities and good causes, big and small. We would be happy to give you references from some of our longstanding customers should you require them.