About Us

Recycling For Good Causes was originally founded as The Fundraising Company in 1996 and now works with over 5000 charities and good causes.

We offer a unique, simple and effective way of raising funds for non-profit organisations by recycling unwanted, donated items.

Using our experts, we are able to resell them for the best possible price, providing the maximum return for your organisation.

We provide a variety of recycling projects aimed to suit individual needs, depending on how you are in contact with your donors or if in fact you are an individual wishing to raise funds for a charity of your choice.  All projects are offered at no cost or outlay to the charity, cause or donor and you are free to use any or all of the projects that you feel would benefit you.

You can enquire or sign up by clicking any of the tabs below that best describe whether your an individual donor or in the case of a charity or good cause, how you interact with your donors.

We offer two hassle free options based on the type and amount of items you wish to recycle. All options are at no cost to you and provide valuable funds to the charity or cause of your choice. Click here to find out more.

We offer three no cost recycling options depending on how you interact with your donors. You can choose the type that suits you best or choose all three. Click here to find out more.