Terms and Conditions

Agreed Terms of Business
Updated: August 2018

The Fundraising Company Ltd, company number 3286088 hereinafter TFC and the Not for Profit Organisation or person addressed, hereinafter NFP.

Recycling for Good Causes is a trading name of T.F.C Ltd. Registered in England and Wales company number 3286088.

TFC operates “Recycling Projects” where a variety of goods are collected in quantity, usually by courier, for recycling and “Freepost Recycling Appeals” where individual supporters of organisations return jewellery and banknotes by post for recycling.

In exceptional circumstances and in terms agreed individually, TFC may conduct recycling projects on terms different to those specified in this document.

  • TFC will supply collecting materials to the NFP at no initial cost.
  • TFC will arrange the transport and sorting of collected items.
  • TFC will arrange the processing and sale of all collected items. In every case TFC will work with selected commercial partners to achieve the highest possible price for all donated goods to ensure the best financial return for the NFPs who TFC work with.
  • In cases where the TFC produces bespoke materials for the NFP or incurs other costs the NFP will be liable for these costs in the event that the use of the materials does not proceed in the agreed manner. These costs will include any management, administration, transport and storage costs incurred.

    Agreed Operational Procedures:

    TFC will arrange the production and delivery of any materials needed for their recycling projects and appeals.

    The NFP organises the distribution of collecting materials and selects and manages locations for static collection devices.

    TFC cannot accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage, howsoever caused, during the process of any collection, delivery, processing or resale.

    TFC arranges for donated goods to be picked up from the NFP or the recovery by freepost and delivery to TFC.

    It is the responsibility of the NFP to ensure that TFC’s courier only collects the correct items.

    In the period of time between TFC picking up the collected items from the NFP and TFC paying the NFP for the items, the value of the items is unknown and the items are therefore uninsurable. TFC cannot reimburse the NFP or it’s supporters for any loss or damage to items in this period of time.

    Once items have been collected from an NFP or posted by an NFP supporter, it is not possible to return any items and TFC are not responsible for any loss which may result from items being irrecoverable.

    TFC will exercise due diligence in sorting donated items but cannot be held responsible if items are overlooked.

    TFC will calculate the “total value” of the collected items as the aggregated value of recyclable items taking into account the overall resale value of re-saleable goods.

    TFC will buy the collected items from the NFP at a price based on “total value” as calculated above, minus appeal costs divided 75:25 in favour of the NFP.

    The calculation of appeal costs attributable to any NFP is mostly straightforward and in pursuit of transparency, requests for breakdowns and copies of relevant documents are welcomed.

    Not all appeal costs are individually invoiced to particular NFP accounts and where overlaps occur TFC will use its best endeavours to fairly apportion costs in line with appeal size.

    In those rare cases where documents establishing appeal costs contain inseparable information about more than one NFP, TFC may be prevented by client confidentiality and data protection protocols and legislation from sharing information.

    TFC will endeavour to pay for recycled items before the end of the first full month following the collection of ‘’Recycling Projects’’ from the NFP and every six months in the case of ‘’Freepost Recycling Appeals” unless other arrangements are required by TFC.

    TFC will at all times comply with the standards set out in The Fundraising Regulators Code of Practice in respect of vulnerable individuals.

    TFC may at any time, without notice, vary any or all of the above Terms of Business and Operational Procedures.

    Should any dispute arise between the parties, the full costs of any resolution, including the reasonable management and administration costs, will be met by the NFP.

    These 08-18 Terms of Business and Operational Procedures replace any previous terms, come into force one month from the date of this correspondence, and represent the only agreement between TFC and the NFP.